Removing old dark hendigo & transitioning to light brown

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Removing old dark hendigo & transitioning to light brown

Hello! Main problem: I want to transition from almost-black hendigo to a light brown hendigo to cover my gray. I have been reading for months on this board and getting LOTS of helpful advice- Thank you everyone! But now I am looking for some specific advice to address my problem. Here is my story: About 3+ yrs ago I wanted to make a healthy change in my hair habits (I was chemical coloring) so I looked up henna and bought what seemed like a great product, a dark brown hendigo mix from Henna Hut. And to be honest, for about 2 years it worked great on me, giving me close to my natural color and covering all grays. But slowly as my gray came in more, I noticed that a few days after I colored, the color was washing out leaving a purple color on my grays. Finally I found your site and read everything on it, finding the PDF book with the pictures and when I saw how the indigo colored the mohair purple, I realized that for some reason my henna was not sticking and the indigo was going directly on my gray, causing that purple. I also realized that the premix I was using was not allowing for my henna to dye release, so that was probably why it wasn’t sticking. It was a big AHA moment! So I pored over your forums and realized what I had been doing wrong, came up with a 2-step henna/hendigo for resistant gray, did it, and voila, no more purple, nice solid dark permanent color. Currently, I have nice dark (almost black) hair, shoulder length, but my gray is coming in so strong and fast that there is too much contrast between the dark brown and my roots, that I am doing the 2-step coloring every 4 weeks. I really want to transition to a light brown now, and I would prefer no reddish tone if possible. So I have been using Magdalene’s technique of vitamin C and baking soda to remove color. I have now done about 4 vitamin C shampoos and 8 baking soda shampoos with limited success- slightly lighter color, but still very dark brown. I am about to give up on the color removal, as my hair is dry and suffering. Here are some things I would like advice on: 1. I am wondering about the best way to start doing my roots, to transition slowly to a light brown. A 1-step or 2-step hendigo? A hendigo gloss? I am intrigued by the idea of glosses. Maybe Cassia? I have never tried cassia. I can’t gather hair from my hairbrush for a test because the length of my hair is so dark. 2. I went right from the pre-mix hendigo stuff from Henna Hut to your 2-step, which is very time consuming, even though it works. I have never tried a one-step hendigo allowing the henna to dye release first. I wonder if I maybe don’t really need to do the 2-step? I think I have resistant gray, but not sure. 3. I currently have several packets of BAQ henna and indigo (still from henna hut) that I have been using, and they seem to color my hair well. But I would like to start purchasing some of your hennas, but I am confused by all the different types that you offer and I am not sure which one I should buy. Again, I am looking for less reddish tones in my brown. I like that your products are more standardized and predictable. Thank you so much for all your help! This forum has been a wealth of information for me already!

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I have a couple of

I have a couple of recomendations:

1) Use a mix of equal parts of henna, cassia and indigo on your roots, and then after wards, use a hilighting cap and pull through a few peices of hair all around and use a medium brown mix to make it look like you have lowlights through out the hair to transition.

2) Gradually use less indigo until you reach equal parts of henna and indigo...then start adding cassia.

Coconut oil can also help remove a little bit of indigo as well!


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