help! I've ruined my hair with bleach and blue semi-permanent

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help! I've ruined my hair with bleach and blue semi-permanent

I've really outdone myself, and ruined my hair worse than I ever have. I want to be henna auburn.

I am 42, my hair is about 30% grey in the front and sides, approx a level 5 ashy brown naturally. For years I have been dyeing my own hair with beauty supply permanent color, usually ion 5-6R or RV and I had  a problem where it overdyed and the roots were always lighter than the rest. Last year I paid $$$ for a color correction, to remove all the old dye and bring my hair for a level 6R which I kept going to salon to touch up every 4 weeks until May 2014 when I decided I couldn't afford it anymore. Ive been doing just the roots myself, pulling it through to the ends for a few minutes ever few months to refresh the color. In November (2014) I accidentlly left it a little too long, and the ends darkened again to maybe a level 4, and my friend mentioned that my hair looked too dark on my birthday, 11/30.

In a fit of massive stupidity, instead of thinking carefully and using a sulfur based remover (like Color Oops) to lighten it up a little, I used what I had around the house late that night - bleaching powder and developer - and bleached my whole head which became orangey. COntinuing the stupid, I bleached again two days later, and saw that I had ion semi permanent in Aqua from when I did my daughter's hair blue and I used that on my hair. Call it a mid-life crisis. I liked having the aqua for a while, then when the roots came in, the white roots made me look like I had bald spots in my part, so I was torn between carefully dyeing only the roots 5N (my natural color) or bleaching the roots to Aqua those as well, and I went with the latter which (even though I was careful not to bleach all the hair) completely destroyed the hair. Several inches broke off and I've been cutting it every couple weeks, it's short, thin, damaged worse than I have ever seen it. I wish so badly that on 11/30 when my friend said my hair was too dark, I lifted the excess color away with Oops and used henna but I found out about henna just a few weeks ago (and realized that the Twilight is the color I have been trying in vain to get with chemical color!). Now I have damaged, short and uneven horror hair (with micro bangs that wont grow) and I'm sick of the blue.

Two weeks ago I saw a Youtube video that said a 6R would neutralize blue dye; however it enormously overgrabbed and left me with Johnny Cash black hair and orange roots. I used sulfur based remover and it quickly lifted the 6R away, leaving the blue again, and orangey roots. I did the 6R again with a better brand and left it just a few minutes, but it didn't significantly neutralize the blue, just made it a dark teal and I GAVE UP. For the past two weeks I wear a hat any time I leave the house, my hair is still breaking and getting shorter both from that breakage and from my trims.

Here are some links to my flickr stream showing some examples. Here I am right after I did the blue the first week of December:

Here I am in Sept when I had the 6R which I liked:

Is there any way I can save my hair with henna? Should I try sulfur to remove the blue then fill with 6N and use henna? Risk bleach if the sulfur doesn't work? Shave it all off? Sorry for the long story. I know if anything can be done to save this situation, it can be found on this site. I don't have a picture of how it looks now, but I can take one - it will hurt me but if it helps me I will do it.

Thank you henna experts and aficionados!


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Sort of same boat

Hey, I empathize with you. I'm 42, and 95% gray. I'd been doing henna for years and decided to get on the silver movement. So I let it grow about 4 inches and cut it off. Then I freaked out bc I felt like I looked like my MIL. Lol. So I turned to manic panic voodoo blue. 

I love the blue,but I trying to find a job. After weeks of hair research, I realized I can not safely remove the blue myself (cool oops type products only work on permanent hair colors, not semi colors such as MP).

so I talked to my hair dresser and this was her response

"well basically, you're screwed. Blue is the hardest color to remove. And you put it over your white hair,so now it is the only pigment in that hair. You will need a total color correction. And color lifters don't always work. I've removed black from hair to get it back to blonde only to find that when I recolored it, it went back to black. If I were you, I'd let it grow out."

true story.

im sorry. I know that's not what you want to hear. 

Anything you dye over blue, other than red or violet will go green. So one would think henna won't go green. But I posted about 2 weeks ago looking for advice on henna over blue,got over 100 views and no responses. So I don't think anyone knows what will happen.  

Sound though like your hair really needs a break. I would maybe try babying it with coconut oil and non sulfate shampoo. 

I wish you luck! Xoxo

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Thanks :) I did two bleach

Thanks :) I did two bleach baths and it didn't budge the blue and I realized only a full strength bleach might move it, which would melt my hair so I went with the clippers. I shaved my head! I'll complain about this one time then thats it: I spent a calendar year growing out my mohawk into a micro bob and now I'm back to square one. However, I'll never do damage to my hair again! I learned! I'm going no-poo and henna only from now on.

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