Is Cranberry Juice Drying to Hair?

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Is Cranberry Juice Drying to Hair?

I'm brand new to dying my hair with henna, and I purchased BAQ henna that I'm planning using soon. I just had a few questions as I'm very confused by all the differing opinions.

I'm considering using cranberry juice as my acidic ingredient because I have it around already and I hear it can deepen the red color, which is what I'm looking for. But my fear is, will it dry the hair out? I have extremely dry hair, like it feels like straw if I'm not careful. I don't want to use lemon juice because I know that will dry it out more, and considered using just straight water but I don't have distilled water available, and curious about what effects cranberry juice would have on hair. When I did my test strand, I used an orange blossom herbal tea with tap water, but not sure that was the best mixture to use (though it smelled delightful).  I've recently read that tap water is bad, so looking at alternatives. I can pick up distilled water tomorrow if needed. 

Would distilled water plus the orange blossom herbal tea be the less drying option though?

Also, I have real oranges that I could use the juice from (organic from a friend's tree). I'd hate to use all my oranges up on my hair, but wondering if that might be a good alternative and less drying than lemon juice or cranberry juice?



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Good evening =]

Good evening =]


Apple juice is a great way to go, if you are concerned about dryness, although cranberry juice should not dry out the hair.

Using straight water will not allow the henna to stick and have a brassy tone.

I would not recommend tea.  It can cause headaches if left on the head for long periods of time.

Orange juice works nicely, but can be a pain to squeeze enough to get the amount you need.

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I henna'd my hair just a few
I henna'd my hair just a few days ago using cranberry juice for the first time and the results are amazing. My mother does my henna and noticed that it is way more red than it's been before. It looks like spun garnets. Plus, it didn't seem any drier than previously. The first few times I did henna I used bottled lemon juice by itself. That was rather drying on my hair and stung my scalp a bit so I switched to apple juice and had much better results. I think you'll find apple juice and cranberry juice work great and I can definitely say cranberry juice gives an added boost to the red. I wouldn't use your nice oranges for henna when bottled juice works just as well.
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