Henna for covering greys?

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Henna for covering greys?

My hair has begun to go silver on me. I had planned on letting it go there naturally and not coloring or covering them, but then my vanity won out. What can I say, I'm 29 and the silver streaks in my hair make me look ten years older! I'm in my sister's wedding in four months and would prefer to look closer to my age than my mother's.

I used to use Punjabi Prime to get a nice, rich auburn on my mouse-brown hair, but that was five years ago before the Invasion of the Silver. I understand that Punjabi Prime is not on the market anymore. Is there another variety I can use for covering grey/silver hair? I understand that greys don't always take the henna, but it's worth a shot and it's better for my hair than box dyes. I've babied my hair so it's long and healthy, and I don't want to damage it with synthetic hair dye.

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They all cover gray

All of our hennas currently cover gray, some better than others, and the indigo/henna combinations absolutely cover gray.  Cassia does not cover gray.

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