Darker Roots

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Darker Roots

I have had trouble for years, getting my roots brown and not orange or purple or green.

Talked with someone at Tap Dancing Lizard and she told me about rainwash.  Started using that, have used it three times.  She informed me that to get a medium brown color, I shouldn't have to do more than 2.5 henndigo after getting the minerals from hard water out of my hair.  She also mentioned using 75% indigo and 25% henna/amla mix.  I did that last month, but this month just did 2 to 1 hendigo since I had done the rainwash 3 times.  It is too light.  slightly orangish, but that depends on the light.  I want it a small amount darker.  I will work on the roots this weekend.  I was thinking about doing 75% indigo and 25% henna. Would leaving that on for an hour do anything since I did my roots just this past Saturday, I thought that would be enough time.  Advice?

Oh, last Monday I did a 75% indigo / 25% henna gloss, that didn't do much.  Left it on for an hour.



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Re: Darker Roots
It sounds like you may need to do an indigo gloss.  You mix a tablespoon of Indigo with about 1/4 cup conditioner, and leave on for about 20 minutes on your roots.  See if this helps.  Have you tried adding salt to your indigo? Also are you applying your indigo immediately after you add it into your henna mixture?

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