Blonde roots from henndigo

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Blonde roots from henndigo
I have tried a lot of different methods to get my roots dark brown, almost black. Nothing works.
Have had orange, purple, green and light brown, occasionally dark brown, but it doesn't last.
The last advice I got was to do henndigo and leave in for 4 hours.  did that, think maybe closer to 4.5 hours a time or 2.  Roots are lightish brown.  I decided this was fine and I was going to go longer in between doing roots so that I can try and grown the light brown in and when I do my roots hope to only get it on the roots and not some of the brown hair (lot of gray roots).  My hair is almost black from doing henna and indigo a few years ago (long story).  Today I did my roots with 2 parts indigo and 1 part henna, like I have for the last few times, but rinsed after 3 hours and 20 minutes (thinking 1 I wanted light brown and would get it and 2. first time ever did henndigo I only left it on for 2 hours and 45 minutes and it was light brown). Today it is blonde.
Question - to get to a brown color, when I do it tomorrow, should leaving it on about an hour work since I just did it today?
Also, tried a gloss to fix, tested an area.  First did 1/2 tbs to 1/4 cup conditioner.  10 min, nothing, 10 more,nothing.  Then did 1/2 tbs to 1/8 cup conditioner.  10 more min, nothing, 10 more nothing, 10 more nothing.  Is it better to make a paste and put that in the conditioner?  I have heard both, that paste is better and that powder is better.  It did absolutely nothing.  I stored the indigo in a plastic bag ( it was an open one).  Would it be better to keep in the fridge or is the cabinet better? 
Please help.
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Re: Blonde roots from henndigo
It's always best to wait four days to allow the Henna and Indigo to oxidize. Without this critical step, your hair may go darker than what you would like. If you feel that you would be ok with a darker color, then you can absolutely Hennigo again before the Henna and Indigo is finished oxidizing. To properly store Indigo, you will need to make sure it is sealed in a plastic bag stored away from sunlight. Also keep it where temperatures aren't too cold. Indigo doesn't like to be cold and this may effect its dye capabilities. Before you did the Hennigo, did you cleanse your hair with clarifying shampoo? Also, were there any oils in your hair? Indigo sometimes can be picky and will only bind to the hair if it is very clean. Henna isn't so picky and will work with some oils that are already present on the hair shaft. Before you Hennigo again, I would suggest using a clarifying shampoo with no conditioner right before you mix up the Indigo to put into the Henna. This way your hair shaft can be easily accessible to the Indigo.
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