Help! Henna fail!

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Help! Henna fail!


I have been posting quite a few questions here as I am a henna newbie. I made my first few batches of henna using a nice henna powder, lemon juice, sugar and eucalyptus eo. Some were too dry, others were too runny. I finally made a really nice batch over the weekend and used it on three people yesterday. The henna flowed beautifully and stained well. Sooooo...I had been asked by my local belly-dance troupe to do some anklets etc for their hafla. My first henna gig! I was nervous but pleased. An hour before going I took my cones from the fridge where they had been since production on Sunday. I did a trial warm-up on my daughter using the same cone that had produced lovely texture the night before. This time it just glooped and virtually ran off her skin!!! What had happened? How could a batch of good cones go so runny over night? Luckily I had some previous cones in the freezer that I defrosted and did the best I could. But I am still wondering what happened. Any clues? Any suggestions? I really need to get this right as I am making so many batches of henna now and it is disheartening.

With thanks!! :-)

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Re: Help! Henna fail!
after about 24 hrs in the fridge most of my cones seem to turn runny and gloppy. its just a timing issue. store them in the freezer to keep them nice!
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