Stain on slightly oily skin

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Stain on slightly oily skin


I have mixed up a nice batch of henna which stains deep mahogany on my palms but barely shows on my partner's back and shoulders. He has mildly oily skin (pretty normal type). As I am new to henna-ing, I wondered, is it usual to wipe over oily skin with an alcohol wipe to get the henna to take better?

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Re: Stain on slightly oily skin
Yes! If he has oily skin, wiping it down with alcohol first will help :)
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Re: Stain on slightly oily skin
Henna does not stain very well on the back or shoulders. you may not get more than an orange stain there.
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Re: Stain on slightly oily skin
As previously said, the back isn't the best staining area of a body, but removing the oil from skin with alcohol might help a little, if the skin is oily.

Have you tried to henna your partner elsewhere, like on hands and feet? Does he stain normally in other body parts? Because some people stain rather poorly for no obvious reason. You can try to maximize the sain by sealing, wraping and keeping the henna on skin longer than usual and avoiding water for atleat 12 hours, but there are no magic tricks. If the area (or person) doesn't stain, it doesn't stain. Do try other peoples backs to see, if there is a difference!
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