Question about conditioning before henna...

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Question about conditioning before henna...
Hello! I'm going to take the plunge today, and was thinking of doing it on damp, towel-dried hair. Usually when I wash my hair, I do conditioner only, but I do have a bottle of clarifying shampoo I use once every 1 or 2 months. I could use that...but my curly hair is hard to detangle without conditioner. Would my use of conditioner (applied, then completely rinsed out after I get out the tangles) hinder the process?

My henna was ready earlier than I thought it would be, so I shampooed but did not condition my hair. Slowly finger-combing out now so I can dye my hair. I do still want an answer to this question...

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Re: Question about conditioning before henna...
If you are not using indigo in your henna mix, you can shampoo and condition before hennaing. if you are using indigo i do not recommend using conditioner before. Henna is pretty strong. indigo is finicky.
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