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I need buxus, tried other mixes , many many mixes, and the result isn't what I used to achieve with buxus. I used 100 g cassia (mixed with distilled water and 25 g. Of amla an let dye release) 1 tbsp. dye released henna, 1 tbsp. idigo (mixed with distilled water) and 25 g. Buxus. My greys were beautiful highlits on my light ash brown hair. Anyone knows where I can get buxus?
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Re: Buxus

Far as I've heard, there isn't really anything coming out of Yemen (which is where buxus usually hails from, if I recall right). Lady C tried getting some not too long ago but it came back indigo and henna when she had it tested. Someone else bought it.


Plenty of other places are selling buxus, but whether or not it actually IS buxus.... well.... *shrugs, palms up*

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