Traditional arts of altering other body

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Traditional arts of altering other body
Several authors have said that the need and tradition of altering one's own body is something that makes us, humans, something very unique.
There is something else that is unique only for human - strong urge to change somebody's else body. I mean animals.
Everybody has heard about breeding - certain animals bred selectively to achieve certain exterior or certain characteristics. As selection is not always very wide for individual animals inbreeding and increase of genetical deseases are some of the side-effects of that activity.
Then there have been certain mutilations done for puppies so the appearance of a dog would 'fit' into aesthetical needs or norms of a certain breed (old-school boxers and doberman's for example).
Here is an article that shows how dog-breeds have changed in history withing last 100 years:

Here is nice article about some cat-breeds:

Then there are fashion-shows where animals are dressed up and - mostly cats and dogs - wear ... let's say interesting things their owners think it is inavitable for them to have. (Under them I think we can think about owners not pets.)
Yet there is another way of changing animals' bodies - something that is called 'creative pet grooming'.
Here is an article about dog-show:

There are shows were horses tails and manes are groomed - there are several fancy braiding-techniques for horse manes, there are coloured mane-extensions for horses, and they even colour manes for effect. Same about tails. (Google 'horse mane styles' or 'horse tail styles' - it is quite interesting.)
And then there are haircuts for horses and camels - different patterns are cut into the hair of animal. (Google 'horse hair cuts' or 'camel haircuts'.)