To remove or not to remove chemical color

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To remove or not to remove chemical color
Hi, I'm brand new here and have been reading posts the past few days and have learned a great deal.

I have been chemically coloring my hair for about 1 1/2 years (1st few times with permanent color, last 4 times with "demi permanent" color (not really so "demi").  I natually have a light to medium brown color and I tried to reproduce my natural color to cover gray.  I have not been happy with the results, as everything has given me a unnatural looking dark reddish undertone.   Also, my hair is darker than its original color, which I don't like.  I do not want to use any more chemical haircolor.

My question is whether or not I should try to lighten or remove the chemical color before trying to do my hair with cassia/henna/indigo?  Or should I just use the cassia/henna/indigo on my existing hair and not try to remove/lighten chemical color first?  I would like my hair to be lighter than it is now (just a shade or two, nothing drastic).

If I do lighten first, do you recommend color Oops, baking soda/soap, or vitamin c/soap method as causing the least damage?  If I have a chemical sensitivity to chemical haircolor, can I even use color Oops?  How long would I need to wait to color my hair with the cassia/henna/indigo after lightening?

Also, I am unsure if I should add amla to the mix.  My haircolor is naturally a warm brown, and I understand amla makes a cooler color.  I look horrible in ashen haircolor.  I need the color to stay warm, but I don't like red either.  I really like the haircolor in the photo posted by dmanches as the example of the haircolor she is looking for.  Her post is here:, and the photo she posted is this:  That is really close to my natural color.

Thank you for any advice.