Clueless About Roots

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Clueless About Roots
      Hi! I've been doing research for a while about dying hair with henna, and I would really love to start dying my hair red in a natural way. I've been using chemical dyes for some time now, and currently my hair is a medium red color along most of the length. I haven't colored my hair in months, however, because I'm afraid to damage it any more. If the dye is so caustic that I can't leave it on my skin, then it can't be good for my hair! As a result of giving up on chemical dye, I have about an inch and a half of medium-ash-brown virgin hair at the roots.
      The only real concern I have about using henna is that the line between my natural hair and the previously dyed portions will be very obvious. If the rest of my hair is more porous due to chemical dye, won't it soak up dye more readily than virgin hair? Is there a good way to prevent this? How can I make my hair color more even? Any help is very appreciated!