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how to proceed
Hi ... for many moons I used Hennalucent half Burgundy/half Bark Brown.  It worked for me great.  I don't know if this brand is still around or how pure it was but my hair was lustrous and shiny.  I never had to extract the dye overnight, just made it and used about 1/2 hour later.
BUT THEN!!!!  I got a lot of gray and my hair started to come out PINKISH at the roots, so I switched to Nice and Easy Dark Auburn Permanent color which was great for a while but NOW going nearly 90% gray now, I'm a youthful 71, My roots are very reddish and rest of hair nicely colored.  So I used a darker brown on the roots and it took almost black!!! So I am dark, then red, but not the fashionable ombre look, just subtle as some of the black drifted onto the auburn. I don't want to use chemicals any longer.

So now would I be able to get dark auburn or am I too grey?  Don't want orange hair.  I just found grey haired pepps on you tube that use body art henna and I want to know would this work for me?

How do I proceed to transition to henna and what colors would I use to get dark auburn if I even could over nearly all grey?  Would I have lighter roots even if I left it on 6 hours?  And would the henna applied all over affect the very dark portion at all?
Also I have citric acid, is it safe to use it in extracting the dye?
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Re: how to proceed

You can definitely get auburn on gray hair! You want a very high dye content henna like Raj. Twilight sold by (this forum's host site). You'll want to mix it with something fairly acidic. I would recommend apple juice. It has a dye release time of 6 - 8 hours and is acidic enough for gray hair, but will be gentle on your chemically damaged hair. You can also use citric acid, but use it sparingly.

Once you get an orange stain on the palm of your hand, put the henna in ziplocks.. mush them flat and then freeze them. Once they're frozen solid, pull them out and let them thaw in the fridge. What this will do is cause the plant cells to burst and give up more dye. You'll then want to apply to freshly washed, towel dried hair. Wrap in plastic, something to keep it warm (recommend a beanie), then leave it on about 6 hours.

Unfortunately, no.. henna will not effect the dark parts of your hair very much, if at all. It will add a red shimmer though.

Also, pure henna doesn't come in "colors". Only premixed and compound hennas do. BTW... any henna product that takes a half hour to dye release you should be wary of.

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