Hennaed Grey Hair in The Sun

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Hennaed Grey Hair in The Sun
So I finally learned how to apply henna and cover my grey. Thanks to the tips I got on this board :) Even though inside, my hair color is closer to black , yet the color is still VERY reddish-copper in the sun. Is there a way to lessen this hue? I read somewhere that the grey hairs are kind of transparent so henna color will not build up to apply enough opaqueness and lessen the reddish color. Is that right? Any advice? I also have a friend that told that mixing henna with dried pomegranate skin powder helps lessening hair shedding. I want to add this in the mix but not sure how to. I normally use ACV, will adding the pomegranate skin increase the acidity?
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Re: Hennaed Grey Hair in The Sun
Hello there! Pomegranate itself is slightly acidic, not sure about the skin. You might want to test that before applying all over. I hendigo my hair a soft black and had a similar issue.  You could try indigo glosses to cut that copper.  for my glosses, i add 2 tablespoons indigo to enough hot water to make a paste, fold that into 1/2 cup of cheapo hair conditioner, let it sit for 20 minutes then apply. i leave my glosses on for about 15-30 minutes then rinse! Hope this helps =)
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