Henna is coming out orange on my towels and clothes.

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Henna is coming out orange on my towels and clothes.
Hi all! I could really use some help. I'm relatively new to using henna on my hair. I have natural straight red hair; however, it has faded as I have gotten older from what once was carrot orange to a more honey strawberry color. I wanted to get that "pop" back that I once had, so I decided to give henna a try since I vowed to never use chemical colors on my hair. I used the henna mixed only with water the first few times I tried it, and I noticed the color was coming out on my towels and fading onto my clothes as long as my hair was wet. I decided to try mixing the henna with apple cider vinegar, and I noticed that there was no henna fading onto towels or clothes anymore. Here's the problem...the vinegar (and I tried lemon juice too) irritates my skin. I end up itchy. Is there a way to keep the color from fading onto my fabrics without using an acidic solution to mix the henna? Thank you so much for your help!
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Re: Henna is coming out orange on my towels and clothes.

Anything mildly acidic will give you more permanent color. You can try apple juice or a very strong brewed, citrus flavored tea (3 bags per cup water, steep till room temp, use chilled)... these will be acidic enough, but shouldn't irritate your scalp.

And remember to wash your hair post henna rinse with shampoo to get any residue off!

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