help, chlorine stripped off indigo

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help, chlorine stripped off indigo
I'm naturally gray, short hair (male), henndigo about every 3 weeks, did last weekend. But went hot tubbing this week and the chlorine in the hot tub left my hair pretty red. I could henndigo again but may not have time this weekend. I suppose I could indigloss with conditioner but my conditioner's expensive. I have plenty of indigo on hand - does it make sense to just gloss with indigo and water? How long - 15 minutes maybe? If this is not a good idea, it's not the end of the world, I'll grin and bear it a couple days until I can henndigo.
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Re: help, chlorine stripped off indigo
You really cannot make a gloss with just indigo and water. If you add too much water, it'll be too watery to hang onto the hair... it'll just be a huge mess. If you can, hit any store and just grab a cheapy bottle of conditioner - V05, White Rain, Suave.. any of those will work.
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