Advice on root coverage

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Advice on root coverage

I'm hoping for some advice from some henna experts! I recently used Colora Henna Sunset red in my naturally orange/red hair with lots of white on the top of my head. The colour is very nice and very close to the colour of my childhood hair. The top is a bit more red/orange because of all the white and actually looks a little fake but not bad. I am wondering what to expect in the weeks to come. I was have read that the colour is totally permanent and will not really fade for months but I have also read that it will fade dramatically within the month. Because I don't know what to expect I don't really know what to do about the roots that will soon grow in! I really would like the colour to stay the red it is now and would hate for it to darken at all as might happen with another application. So my question is am I free to dye my whole head when its time to cover roots and will the colour stay the same because of fading or should I only do the roots? I appreciate anyone who can offer advice from their experience! Thank you.

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Re: Advice on root coverage

Unfortunately, the brand you used appears to be either a premixed or compound brand (pure henna doesn't come in "colors") and is off topic on this forum. Premixed is when two plant dye powders (like cassia and henna) are mixed in package and require hot or boiling water for dye release. Compound hennas are usually pastes or liquids and basically only have enough henna in them to get the label - which isn't much. The rest is usually chemicals and nasty metallic salts. Its also another company brand and as this forum as run by a company ( Dancing Lizard), we aren't able to talk about other company products in depth.


We CAN say that pure henna, mixed in a proper manner (with an acid and given some time), and applied in the proper manner IS very literally permanent and should never fade unless the hair is severely damaged.

I don't know how the product you used will act, or how permanent it will be... but with pure henna, when you apply all over again and again, the color does build up and will eventually go towards auburn and sometimes into burgundy. With pure plant dyes, once you have the color you want... its best to do roots only.

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