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I want to perm my friends hair. My friend has chemically colored hair. I have just read about Amla,and it is stated that it is a fruit perm. How do you mix the amla up for the perm, and how long do you leave it on the hair. And also  can I use perm rods to curl the hair, and how long will the curl last. Can this be used on henned as well as chemically treated hair. Does it dry out the hair, and does it add color to the hair. Thank you for your information.
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Re: Amla

It was stated that its similar to a fruit-based perm.

As far as I know, there are no special instructions for an amla "perm", you just follow the instructions given and after rinsing, you curl your hair while its still damp. I would imagine you could use whatever you wanted to make the curl.

I'm not sure how long the curl will last (though I'm sure one of the new admins can answer that!).

Of course it can be used on henna-ed hair! I don't think it will dry it out and it does not have a dye.

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Re: Amla
Mix and put a warm pack of amla into your hair, then rinse.  Immediately put it into curls and let it dry. 

The acidity in the amla (about 3.5 PH) will temporarily snap some of the hydrogen bonds in the keratin in your hair, and they will reform, but off axis. 

It's not terribly permanent.  Ask the cosmetologists at 1-855-MEHANDI for more information. 
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