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Henna gloss query
When applying a henna gloss, say 2Tablespoons henna to 100 grams cassia, and achieving a positive result.... In the future, I would like to continue having henna in my mix as it is so friendly with my hair. And, i don't wanna go to the dark/purplish/ realm, as the color doesn't suit my complexion. So, how often can i gloss, and will it build up too? Love the condition/shine/red highlights.... my skin just doesn't handle the burgundy well... looks too harsh/dark for me. Thanks!
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Re: Henna gloss query
Yes, glosses build up to - you're still applying the dye in layers, it just takes longer because its weaker. Glosses are just as permanent as regular hennas, so if you get a color you like... do only your roots.
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