Using Henna on eyebrows & eyelashes???

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Using Henna on eyebrows & eyelashes???
Can you use this henna on your eyebrows and eyelashes? If so how would you apply and use it?
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Re: Using Henna on eyebrows & eyelashes???

While its not approved as safe and you'd be doing so at your own risk.. yes, you can use on your brows. Never heard of any one doing their lashes, nor would I recommend it! It'd be way too easy to get it IN your eyes and hurt yourself.

You can apply to your brows with a small paint brush. You will get staining on the skin underneath, theres no avoiding it.

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Re: Using Henna on eyebrows & eyelashes???
I strongly recommend using products formulated for use around eyes ... and ONLY IF they are a temporary pencil or paint and not a stain.  Many products contain unlisted PPD, and those can cause terrible problems if you're sensitive to PPD.

The Mehandi stuff is absolutely chemical-free. It's still useless for eyelashes, unless you really like the idea of sitting for hours with a gob of pulverized plants and lemon juice in your eyes.

Many people do henna their eyebrows, but I still can't recommend that, because if I haven't sent it to the lab myself, I can't say for certain that there's no PPD in the mix.  Ours would be safe, but not terribly effective.
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Re: Using Henna on eyebrows & eyelashes???
Please don't put anything on your eyelashes! Getting anything in your eye is a very bad bad idea.
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