Henna/Indigo Hair and Keratin Treatment

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Henna/Indigo Hair and Keratin Treatment

Couple questions.

Does anyone know if Keratin treatment and brazilian blowout are the same thing or different?  I thought they were different, but saw something on the internet that said Keratin Brazilian Blowout or somethihg like that.

Has anyone done a keratin treament with henna/indigoed hair?  I did my whole head a few times, but it has been since July 2012, I think, since I did that.  Now I do my roots every 3 to 4 weeks.  The last few times it has been Henna for 2 hours, then Indigo for an hour, then indigo a couple days later (it never seems to stay and I see orange, anyone have suggestions for that?  I was with dishsoap before henna, wash again and use baking soda and then do indigo).  I am interested in the keratin treatment, my hair has been breaking off alot for a while and since using my flatiron more has gotten even worse.  I am going to stop doing that for a while and try some leave in conditioners, but was thinking about the keratin treatment.  My friend has been doing it for a while and her hair looks great.  I asked the stylist I used to go to about getting a patch test to make sure I wasn't allergic to it and he said he talked to the keratin expert at their salon and she said you can't do it over henna.  Saw one thing on this site about someone doing at home keratin over hendigo and it was fine. 


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Re: Henna/Indigo Hair and Keratin Treatment

The blowout, if I recall right, involves a lot of formaldehyde or something along those lines... its NOT good for your hair in the longer term

Shoot for longer application times with both dyes. Try for 3 - 5 hours and then 2 for the indigo. That MIGHT help. Avoid shampoo after the indigo step.


You can do keratin treatments before or after henna as far as I know - just with anything else (save for bleaching over indigo). Most do it before since they have issues with the henna holding onto previously very damaged hair. If you're set on a salon treatment, go back and ask them to do a strand test and ask to speak to their "specialist" personally so you can ask her WHY.

Keep in mind that almost all stylists are told by their schools (which are usually run and funded by chemical dye companies) that henna is toxic and should never, EVER be used and to run away from it, screaming. I got into a nasty argument over it with a past co-worker about it once. I know some past members have been in the same place.

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