Which Henna should I use?

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Which Henna should I use?
I have short chestnut brown hair with natural blonde highlights, and I'm trying to get my hair to a coppery red colour. What henna mix should I use? How long should I leave it in for? Any other helpful information would be highly appreciated! Thank you!
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Re: Which Henna should I use?

Regardless of what henna you use and how you mix it, your natural color is going to go a shade of auburn, though you may get more copper flares outside in the sun. Henna's dye is translucent and it adds to what you have, it wont cover it up like chemical dye. Your highlights will go more copper, but may be a bit on the orange side, depending on which you use and how long you leave it on.


Best advice we can give is to get samples and strand test. I would recommend mixing the henna with apple juice (dye release time of 6 - 8 hours), its acidic enough to keep the henna active for a good length of time and help if you have any stubborn hair, but its also very gentle on the hair.

Apply heavily to hair pulled from your hair brush and stick in a ziplock, suck the air out and put in your pocket to mimic your body heat. Label your ziplocks to keep them straight. I would do no more than 3 hours for any of them.

Once the time is up, rinse the henna off and give it a week to oxidize. Don't judge any until then.

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