Color grey roots ash blonde?

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Color grey roots ash blonde?
I have grey roots and would like a ash blonde result (or any light blonde shade:)!
This is my plan and I could need some input:):
Mix 100g cassia, 25 g Amla,  3/4 tsp henna with water.
Mix 3/4 tsp indigo with water and combine with above mix after dye release.
Is it safer to use distilled water? at room temperature?
At 65F how long will it take to dye release?
How long should I keep mix on hair?
Can I expect a green tint? Anyway to avoid this?

Thanks so much for any feedback!
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Re: Color grey roots ash blonde?
It sounds fine - I've done similar mixes using 1 tsp of indigo and henna.  Since you are using amla as your acid I think somewhere between 8 and 12 hours dye release time is fine. I'd use room temperature water. If the water is warm, dye release and demise will be very fast. I never bother with distilled water myself, just tap. I would leave it on for between 1.5 to 3 hours. Ideally you would do a strand test first to help decide on the application time, but I understand since it's roots you're covering, that may be tough to achieve. For me, 1.25 to 2 hours was good with this type of mix.

It is possible to get a slight green tint from indigo, if the henna didn't work well, or there is more indigo than henna in a mix. I don't think you'll see green with the small amount of indigo you're using. If you do, it will probably settle into a normal blonde shade within 48 hours. If that doesn't happen, you can correct the green by using a very dilute henna gloss to cancel it out.

Another reason you could see green is if your hair already has mineral buildup in it from the water you shampoo and shower with. When someone has buildup and they use henna or cassia, they can get brown, green or black streaks in their hair. A mineral remover such as Rainwash (from Mehandi) or Ion Crystal Clarifying Treatment from a beauty supply store will prevent or remove the discoloration.
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