How to convince people that they are using synthetic henna?

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How to convince people that they are using synthetic henna?
Many know about he dangers of "black henna", but are unaware that the ready made cones that give reddish stain contain the same chemicals as black. What could the international henna community to do, to convince people that not all red henna is good henna?

I have some point one could make, when facing a person that uses synthetic paste, but I hove you can give me even more!

Henna doesn't keep
- I'd say that natural henna paste can keep in room temperature (21C*/70F) about a week - at maximum. Air tight container or cone doesn't help, because the loose dye molecules break on their own. So if the paste was kept in room temperature in the store, it sould be allready ruined when you bought it! If it isn't, the colour staining the skin is not henna no mather what the label says (there are often lies in those).

The colour takes long to take - half an hour simply isn't long enough for natural henna. Keeping the paste on for four hours is the minimum for good colour, but eight hours or over night is better. It is absolute normal, that the stain wears of in few days if the paste is washed of within an hour.

Natural stain isn't even all over the body
- you are supposed to get lighter stain on upper arms than your palms. If the is even everywhere it can not be natural henna. The henna dye is attache to the skin cell and the skin is different in the differet parts of the body. It is completly normal to have super dark stain near the finger nails and much lighter on the wrist.

If some of the above doesn't mach your paste, it is not henna  - some synthetic dyes can mimic even the darkening proses of henna and start as orange. But if the paste seems to keep months in room temperature, stains within an hour or gives even stain all over the body it is not henna and it is not safe to use on skin.
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Re: How to convince people that they are using synthetic henna?
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