Grey hair orange, Indigo falls off!!

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Hello!! I have been hennaing for over a year succesfully but have some queries!! I have dark brown hair threaded with some grey, and a large amount of grey at temples. I started first with pure henna and now use Indigo mixes. Sometimes do a full head treatment and then the next months do root touch ups with Hendigo with Amla mix. Normally 100 henna to 50 Indigo.Mixing Jamilla henna with apple juice dye releasing for 6,7 hours and leaving on head for 5 hours minimum.I love the colour but the Indigo always washes off leaving my temples brassy orange against dark brown hair!! I have considered doing the two step process but am worried the indigo will still fall off and maybe darken to much my allready dark brown hair as i think the indigo sticks to the dark hair more leaving the grey hair even oranger!! I have tried separating a portion of my hendigo mix and adding more indigo to this and applying just to the grey temple area of my hair hoping to be able to even up this area to the rest of my head of dark hair. Any ideas of what I can do will be apreciated. Many thanks, Nicola.

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