Punjabi Prime: Still good after 2 weeks in fridge!

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Punjabi Prime: Still good after 2 weeks in fridge!

I just want to sing the praises of your henna and its amazing quality!  I had dye-released 50 grams of Punjabi Prime (PP, amla, and water) about 5 monts ago.  It had been in the freezer since.  Two weeks ago, on Friday night, I transferred the baggie from the freezer to the refrigerator, planning to color on Saturday morning.  Well, I got an offer I couldn't refuse, and out-of-the-window went my plans.  The same thing happened last weekend.  I went took a winery tour...went to the movies...a BBQ retirement party...another dinner...baseball game...needless to say, I didn't make time to henna.

Today is day 16 of the baggie languishing in the refrigerator.  Thinking it couldn't possibly be good still, I was going to toss it.  But I hate wasting...I thought, "if it has even a little bit of dye left, maybe I can use later it in a gloss...or maybe cut the indigo with it..." so I smeared about a nickel-size circle onto my palm.  Waited 5 minutes, not really hopeful I'd get much of a stain...but to my amazement, this henna is still going strong!  It left a very visible orange stain!  WOW!  I'm sure it's not at its optimal point, but come on!  It'll make a good base for a 2-step hendigo, and that's all I need today.  I wouldn't recommend anyone be as lackadaisical as I've been time time around...but if you ever find yourself in a predicament like mine, test before you toss.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

Thank you Catherine and everyone at Mehandi for making henna of such quality available. 

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Re: Punjabi Prime: Still good after 2 weeks in fridge!
that's truly amazing. I guess since it was frozen (making it a bit stronger) and an acidic mix, it had everything going for it.
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