New to henna, help please

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New to henna, help please
Hi all, I have 4c very tight kinky curls and I'm looking for stronger looser curls which I've learned I can accomplish by using henna. I'd like a red tint but since my hair is dark brown right now I'm looking for results more directed to my curls than color. Also I live in the country so I have hard well water (looking into a shower filter). Any advice on which henna would be best to purchase, how to apply (I saw alternates to the lemon juice and methods to lessen the reported smell), how to care for/maintain, pre-henna treatment, after henna treatment...any and all info is welcomed and greatly appreciated. Thanks Kinkymama
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Re: New to henna, help please

Here is what I would recommend....

Raj. Twilight or Monsoon (very high dye content, will give you the most red on your dark hair).

Mix with apple juice (6 - 8 hour dye release time) or a very strong brewed, room temp tea (2 - 6 hours, depending on what you use). If you brew it at home, use distilled or bottled water instead of what comes out of your tap - unless your tap water is on a filter. You can also used bottled tea like Arizona brand.

Slowly add just enough liquid to make wet, but not smooth (you want it lumpy). Press plastic wrap to the surface, let sit for dye release.

Once you have dye release (vivid orange peel orange stain on your palm), transfer to ziplocks, mush flat and freeze. If the smell still bothers you, you can mix in a small amount of ginger powder into the paste before you freeze it.

Once frozen solid, pull out and thaw at room temp or in the fridge. What the freezing does is release more dye for more color - and, ultimately, weight.

Apply to freshly washed, towel dried hair. Recommend purchasing Rain Wash as well and washing with that to combat the hard water.

Cover with plastic (grocery bag is fine), then wrap with something to keep it warm (beanie, scarf, turbie twist, whatever). Let sit for 5 - 6 hours.

Wash your hair as normal - recommend shampoo to remove henna residue.


No special requirements to maintain. You may need to apply several times before your curl is loosened to what you want, but keep in mind that henna will not replace a straightener and will only relax your curls so much.

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