henna dry but not flaking off

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henna dry but not flaking off
Hi i just took my Henna out of the freezer, used it and it goes on really nice but it's gummy feeling and doesn't flake off as it usually does. i've never had this problem before, any help Thank you
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Re: henna dry but not flaking off
Dry but not flaking off is a good thing! That means it stays on the skin longer, right? For me this is a mark of a very successful batch of paste. The perfect amount of sugar for your weather will dry, but remain flexible and not flake off until you take it off.

But if the texture is wrong for application and you can't get it to play nice, I can understand your frustration. I've only ever had trouble with a shift in texture after thawing for two reasons. One is silly. I wrapped my cones inside out so that the paint of the pattern was on the inside. It dissolved into the paste and turned into a gummy mess. The other was from using honey or molasses as my sugar. I know people do it successfully all the time, but for me freezing paste with molasses or honey always changes texture on me in the freezer. Either of those things apply to you?
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