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Buying Henna

Does anyone know of any other places or sites to buy pure body Henna other then this one.?

I have been getting my Henna here for years, but that was when someone always answered the

phone order lines and you could order.    Now it is always a recorded message telling you to leave

a number, etc. and they will call back.  That would be fine, but I do have access to a phone 24-7

to receive these call backs, so have be unable to order.   

I have tried every day and at all times.!     

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Re: Buying Henna
Sorry to hear you've had trouble getting your orders placed.

We've had two problems with responding to customer phone calls. One is that our entire Customer Service staff was down with a flu bug last week. We expect to be back to full regular staffing next week.

The second problem is technological. When the phones at aren't staffed, all calls should go to our voicemail but we've had reports from customers that the voicemail rollover doesn't always work. It seems to be an intermittent problem because our phone company hasn't found anything obviously out of order.

If your call doesn't go to voicemail when there's no answer, please e-mail us at to let us know and include the date and time of your call. This will help us track down and fix the problem.

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