Light Mountain Henna

Does LM Henna contain metallic salts or is considered to be compound henna? If so, which colors? Is the LM Henndigo?

Because LM henna belongs to another company, we cannot discuss it here. This forum is hosted by and any discussion of another company's products can cause issues for the company.


Best I can say is that I THINK is that they're a premixed brand. Premixed are not best for optimal, permanent color.

If you have general questions about the ingredients in a product, it's OK to ask them but we ask everyone to avoid mentioning specific brands or dealers by name.


Some will consider anything that isn't pure individual dyes a compound henna. That would include products that have henna and indigo both in the same packet, for example, as well as products that have metal salts or chemical additives.

The brand you mention at the very least is "compound henna" of this more broad definition. As to whether it contains chemicals or metal salts, I'd encourage you to contact that company directly. By US law, the ingredients need to be on the outer packaging, so getting your hands on the product, even on a store shelf, may be all you need!