Henna over dyed hair??

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Henna over dyed hair??
Can I apply henna over dyed hair? I'm fairly new to henna'd hair care but have been applying henna and henndigo to cut and grown out virgin hair. Recently, I dyed twice my hair using chemical dye, to achieve the desired auburn color (and to lighten as my hair is naturally black). The bottom of the hair did not take the color as is contained alot of henndigo, but the virgin hair at the roots did, which is a nice reverse ombre effect. I want to enrich the color using henna but do not know what effect this will be or how the color will take. Since only the top is lightened, that is the only part of the hair I plan to apply the henna to. I want to use a red henna, or the most orange/red henna there is. I'm hoping that since the top was lightened with developer cream (for those of you familiar with chemical dye), I am wondering if it will take the henna? I'm also curious about applying hendigo in the future if I want to go back to black, to darken the lightened hair? Basically I would like any info. on henna/henndigo over dyed hair. Happy Hennaing :)
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Re: Henna over dyed hair??
It is fine to use henna both before and after chemical dye. Pure henna doesn't cause weird reactions with chemical processes (other than making a perm fall out faster). Indigo is also fine to use on chemically dyed hair.

What you shouldn't do is use a lighter color of chemical dye on indigoed hair, because lightening indigoed hair can result in green when the rest of the pigment in the hair is lifted but indigo remains.  It sounds like you didn't have any problem with green hair, which is good :)
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