New to hendigo need help with amounts for roots

I purchased the Ancient Sunrise dark brunette kit and I want to touch up my roots.  I have medium brown hair with 50% gray but want it to be dark brown with little to no red.  I have read to use 1 part henna to 2 parts indigo with the henna mixed with 25% amla, but I'm not sure what that actually translates to.  So I'm wondering if I'm doing this correctly.  Would these be the correct ratios?  And how much for just roots?  Thank you!

henna = 2 tbsp

amla = .5 tbsp

indigo = 1 tbsp


oops I just realized I wrote that incorrectly...

henna = 1 tbsp

amla = .5 tbsp

indigo = 2 tbsp

Henna   1 Tbsp

amla       0.25 Tbsp  (this is 25% as much as the henna amount. In other words, henna divided by 4 = amla)

Indigo     2 Tbsp

Thanks!  So, how many tbsp would I need for just roots?  And if I leave the henna to dye release through the day or overnight, can it be left out too long?  Also, do I need to wrap my hair with saran wrap?

how thick is your hair and how long are those roots?

Yes, henna can be left out too long so try to catch it when it is staining your palm after a couple minutes. Put it in the fridge if you are not ready to apply it at that point.  You need to wrap the paste in plastic while it is standing for dye release AND while it is on your head.

For medium thick hair with up to 1 inch of roots you might need up to 50 gm which is roughly 7 Tablespoons. Personally I always require less than that but I don't let my roots get very long.

It's about an inch of growth and I do have really thick hair, so I will use that amount. Is there a certain way I should store the leftover powders?

Indigo should be kept in an air tight container (like a ziplock, suck the air out, roll up tight), out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place with constant temps. Use before a year is up, freshness counts.

Amla... shoot for the same thing.

Henna, wrap the same way then wrap tightly in plastic wrap... and freeze! Henna powder will last years when kept frozen.

I mixed the two tbsp of henna with amla and dye released overnight. Now I would like to mix just enough hendigo to do a test spot before mixing in the whole 4 tbsp of indigo. How much indigo powder should I mix to do a test spot and how much henna paste should I mix in? Thanks again for all the help!

You just want to test a small strand or hairball?  I'd mix up about 1 tsp indigo powder with water into a not-too-thick paste, and then eyeball that amount of paste (which I am guessing will be in the neighborhood of 2 tsp of indigo paste) and use half that amount of henna paste.

Wrap your strand test in plastic (a small ziplock is great), squeeze out any air, and keep it at body temperature during the test. Either put it in your pocket to keep warm, or in your bra, or under a desk lamp. Without the right amount of heat (not too much!)  you won't get an accurate result.

I thought I would just test a spot on my head that's fairly hidden. Would that be okay since I can't really cover in Saran Wrap?

You need to cover the hair that has the paste on it, keep the air off of it.

Plant dyes cant dye when they dry out.