Blue streaks from henna-indigo root touch-up

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Organic Janet
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Blue streaks from henna-indigo root touch-up

Hi there-

About a month and a half ago, I decided to try a 2 step henna-indigo just on my roots instead of doing my whole head. (to save $ and to save time and mess). 

It actually came out well, blended nicely, as long as I didn't wear my hair back or part it on the other side. If I did, some blue streaks were revealed.  I figured the blue would fade over time but it really hasn't. 

I'm getting ready to do my whole head again as the grey is starting to show again. Is there something I need to do to get rid of the blue streaks before the full head 2 step? Or will the full treatment itself get rid of them?

Or am I destined to have some blue hair for years until it grows out? (hope not!)


Organic Janet

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Re: Blue streaks from henna-indigo root touch-up

The blue should go away when you henna. It should turn brown-ish and will disappear entirely when the indigo is applied.

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