indigo Gloss over burgandy/purple roots

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indigo Gloss over burgandy/purple roots
If I do my hair with henndigo and after a 3.5 day wait period I wash it and my roots are burgandy can I cover that by using a indigo gloss?  Today is 5 days since I did the henndigo then just indigo.  Washed it tuesday night and now am going to do something , but not sure what , to get rid fo this.  Just a gloss of indigo or a henndigo gloss or what would be the best bet for this?  Thanks!
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Re: indigo Gloss over burgandy/purple roots
Yes, you can do an indigo gloss over it, but it could turn black if it stays on there too long.  What too long means can vary from person to person, depends partly on how strong you make your gloss.  If you use 1 Tbsp per cup of conditioner and leave it on up to 15 minutes that will probably not turn black.  30 minutes *could* turn it black.  When you are dealing with indigo, since it is potentially completely permanent, it's always a good idea to test first. Since this is your roots we're talking about, that would mean test it on a small spot rather than doing all your roots.

A hendigo gloss may not be able to do as much, and it may be less predictable than plain indigo gloss.  But you can certainly try it, maybe it will work.
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