Gray Coverage

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Gray Coverage
This is listed in the FAQ section for Gray coverage.  Alternatively, you can prepare your henna paste as usual with a mildly acidic liquid, then when you have dye release, mix amla powder with water and stir amla paste into the henna paste. If you are using a hendigo mix, you can at that point stir in the indigo paste.
You wouldn't add amla powder directly to your indigo powder or paste because the acidity Would inhibit indigo dye release.
  To make sure I understand what this is saying.  Make henna the night before with Lemon Juice and let sit for 12 hours.  Then add Amla (1/4 of the amount of Amla to Henna) to the dye release henna and stir.  Then add Indigo paste with salt in it (double the amount of indigo to henna) and stir and apply? 
If this is correct, am I adding amla powder to the henna or amla paste to the henna?
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Re: Gray Coverage
That is *one* way to do it (adding amla after henna dye release) but most people simply mix henna, amla and water, and let that mixture stand for dye release.  If using amla, you do not need to use anything else for acidity like lemon.

You can add amla powder to henna powder, or amla paste to henna paste. I don't think it will make a difference.

However, personally I do not add anything acidic (like amla) to henna paste right before I add indigo. The extra acidity right at that moment may inhibit the indigo.
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