henna and perms?

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henna and perms?
I'm planning to gloss my hair with henndigo soon to blend gray, but my hair is pin straight and I'm also thinking about getting a permanent body wave put in.  Hopefully one of the less intense/damaging types, if that exists.  Does it matter if I do the wave or the henna first, will henna interfere with the perming process in any way or vice-versa?
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Re: henna and perms?
Based on the chemistry, it seems very likely that the perm will darken henna to a greater degree than it would without. This could be avoided by hennaing after you perm. Also, many people report that their perms do not take as well or last as long with henna in their hair. This could happen weather you henna before or after. There's no danger or extra damage by using both henna and a perm, but its possible that you won't feel you got your money's worth out of the perm.

I also have stick straight hair, and after using henna, I find that my hair is easier by far to style. It holds heat styling way better than it ever did before! Maybe you'll find after you henna, you're not as keen on the perm!
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