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Sangeet from Clusterpoopoo!

Ok, so this was a TOTALLY new experience for me. I have recently transplanted back to Chicago, and thanks to Bridget have started getting referrals. :) (Yay,Bridget!) well, this Sangeet that was last night was just one level of craziness after another. Bridget had done the family (Sans Bride) Monday night, and was there until like 2am. They had asked her to do the Sangeet the next night, AND the Bride and there were supposed to be over 200 guests, and the Bride didn't want to start her henna until the Sangeet was basically over, cuz she wanted pictures and to have fun, etc. So Bridget asks me if I can do it, and it will be a per hand charge. Ok sure. I was excited to have my first gig here in town. 

Note to everyone: This is in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM a complaint against Bridget. She was trying to help and she is AWESOME! 

So, I was told to be there at 8pm. I got there at the banquet hall sharply at 8. They had no clue what they were doing, the poor sister of the bride was about ready to have a nervous breakdown cuz everyone was coming to her for stuff. She tells me to set up by the DJ. Ok...fine. I got a table, got some chairs and set up there. The DJ was cool.  People are milling about, trying to figure out what is going on. The groom was going to enter, but then it was prayer time, so they had to do that first. (It was a Muslim-Indian wedding) So then the groom finally enters about 9:30, and they do his thing, and then the BRIDE didn't enter until 10:30. All this time, not ONE person has come to me for mehndi. They made an announcement via the microphone that I was there, and then they did it again at 11pm. At that time I had four people, each only wanting one strip. 

I left at midnight, very upset and disappointed. I hope that Bridget's Bridal mehndi turned out ok on the bride, cuz she was supposed to start that when the party was over, and I don't think that was until like 2am or later. 

My question is to the list...what would you suggest? Normally, at a Sangeet this big (There were over 200 people there) I would have been very busy and made some money. This was a disaster. 

Would it be advisable to negotiate something with the family, like if they want individuals to pay for their sangeet strips on their palms, to say something like, Ok, you are going to have X amount of people there, I expect to make at least X amount of $$. IF i don't, you have to pay me half my hourly rate per hour that I sit there?  Would that make any sense, or something like that?

Advice? suggestions? I'd appreciate anything anyone has to say...




And again, I do NOT hold Bridget accountable at all! She had no idea what a clusterpoopoo it would be! (And besides, she drove with me out to Chicago, so ya know, she's cool!)