Need input on mixes.

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Need input on mixes.

I have, what I like to call, mousey brown hair.  In direct sunlight it will almost look red.

The blonde highlights are only on the last inch or so of my hair, as I have quit doing the chemical thing and let my hair go back to it's natural color.

I think the brown makes me look drab and tired and I hate it.  I used to get my hair dyed a coppery red with caramel highlights.  And as we all know, fake red fades quickly, leaving me with monthly trips to the salon. 

I have 400g of 2012 Jamila just sitting in my freezer (no one seems to want henna tatts anymore).  So my question is, how can I mix this to try and get my hair back to a beautiful shade of coppery red?


Any help is appreciated!!

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Re: Need input on mixes.

Strand test first as Jamila's dye content can be unpredictable. It could be very strong, could be really weak. Mix with something mildly acidic like a strong brewed, room temp or chilled tea (1 - 4 hours, roughly) or apple juice (6 - 8 hours), once you have dye release... apply to the hair, put in a ziplock and suck the air out. Put in your pocket for about 2 hours. Rinse and let sit a week to oxidize.

Your highlights will remain flaming orange but the rest of your hair will settle down any where from a coppery light auburn to medium auburn, depending on the strength of the henna.

If its too dark, you'll know you need to dilute it in a gloss. If its too light, you'll know you need to leave it on longer.

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