What coloring to use over henna

 After MANY tries using almost every tip I've read, I have to face the fact that henna and indigo just won't cover my white roots.  I have no choice but to go back to regular dyes.  I know I can't use any lighteners.  I've heard of a product at Sally's called Beautiful Colection semi permanent haircolor.  It apparently took the place of Loving Care. Is this ok to use over henna and indigo?  If not, what is?  Please help!


You can use any permanent or semi permanent dye, or any chemical treatment, over plant dyes so long as they're pure.

 Even over indigo?  I thought I was extremely limited in what I could use...Are there ANY pure haircolors?

I meant pure plant dyes. As far as I know, the only thing you cannot do chemically over indigo is lighten it cause it will turn green.


I think this is just a depositer.  It has no ammonia or peroxide in it.  I'm pretty sure it will not lighten, just deposit color.  I bought a reddish brown color, but my non-roots are very dark brown.  Hopefully this will be ok.  I'm only looking for it to color my white roots.  


While a deposit-only color would probably be your best bet if you're looking for something chemical to use over indigoed hair, there are a handful of potential issues here. You probably know a deposit-only haircolor will darken all of your hair, so you may get color you like on the gray (or not, because deposit-only haircolor isn't very good at coloring gray) but the rest of your hair will come out quite dark. 

If you subject indigoed hair to any peroxide or similar oxidative agent, you can end up with green hair because it will remove some pigments from your hair but NOT the indigo. 

We always suggest testing a hairball or strand first before committing your whole head of hair in a case like this.

Here is an FAQ that may help: forums.hennapage.com/node/5498


all the FAQs:  forums.hennapage.com/node/98

So then, the Clairol Beautiful won't turn my hair green, it just may make the indigoed hair darker, correct?? 

 Yes, that should be fine, but I would sugguest a stand test, just so you can be confident about your results.