Bridal henna/dye release/breastfeeding

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Bridal henna/dye release/breastfeeding

Sorry, this is a long one, it's a three part-er!

So my husband offered my services to a friend for her wedding in a couple of weeks.  I've never done that much henna at once before so I'm nervous/scared/excited.  Well it's not official, I think they're going to see if they can hire a professional, but when I told them the going rate was 300$+ they cringed, so we'll see!  Anyway, I'm not 100% comfortable to make up my own design cause I don't have that much experience, so I'm wondering if I'll get into trouble if I end up taking a lot of elements from any designs I find online.  I'm not doing this for money, and wouldn't copy a design completely.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  The bride is Moroccan/Sudanese, and the groom is a Djiboutian Arab, so I'm going to try to maybe mesh elements of all styles together.  Are there certain elements you absolutely need to include?  Is it important that things are symmetrical or that both hands/feet are the same?  Should I do back of the hands and palms, as well as bottoms of feet?  Any advice AT ALL would be great!

My second question is to do with dye release.  I'm planning on using the KISS method found here I need it to be perfect and dark because she is darker skinned, but I don't really understand the whole dye release thing.  I have seen people mention that the timing needs to be perfect.  Does that mean you have to use the henna as soon as the dye release happens?  Or do you have a window of time?  And how do you know when the dye release has happened?  I know you're supposed to see when the top is a darker colour, but doesn't that happen soon after?

And the third is about essential oils.  My bride is currently breastfeeding, and I read somewhere that the only EO that is safe to use for breastfeeding/pregnant woman is lavender.  Is this true?  I've also heard that lavender doesn't terp very well.  So is there anything that is certainly unsafe or recommended?

So that's all for now!  Any advice or pertinent information/links would be so much appreciated, thank you in advance!

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Re: Bridal henna/dye release/breastfeeding

Can't really answer your first question, but I'm sure someone can!

Your second question - there's usually a window of a couple days that your paste is at itsfreshest and will give you the best stains.

Your third - lavender darkens just fine. Not as dark as others, but it helps. Here aresome of my own work. The bottom of this picture is with lavender 48 hours after paste removal:

And this one is no terps at all, 48 hours after paste removal:

I used 1/2 teaspoon of lavender oil for about 4 Tbsp of paste.

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