Ruhani cones- Henna Indigo AND...?

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Ruhani cones- Henna Indigo AND...?

So, in my quest to find a safe black that doesn't take two hrs to dry, like jagua, and can survive the rigors of a seaside resort vacation, I recently tried a premade Ruhani black henna cone from India. I am skeptical on several fronts as I have always ALWAYS made my own henna. My supplier insists it is henna and indigo, that it has no ppd, no ammonia and is "clinically tested". It smells stinky inky, which is my biggest complaint, goes on like paint and when it peels off leaves a dark walnut stain that fades to orange like henna. I like the finished result, but want to have it clinacally tested myself.

Has anyone used this, had it tested, know more about this?!    I'm also about to sample from Hollywood Ink one of their black body art inks for doing temptus.  Any experience you've had with these or other attempts at finding a safe durable black/dark medium to free style body art with, let me know! 

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Re: Ruhani cones- Henna Indigo AND...?

I'm coming from the hair side, but from what I've read on a few posts on this side is that henna and indigo mixed do not result in black when used on skin. They result in brown and black when used on the hair, but it doesnt work that way for skin.

Also as far as I know, the only way to have anything tested would be to send it out to an independant lab like Lady C does for her henna here... and its like $450 a pop.


I DO know that sells a 100% safe temporary black tattoo paint called Harquus. They also now sell colored "faux henna", which are basically just tattoo paints in some pretty vivid colors.

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Re: Ruhani cones- Henna Indigo AND...?

 They call this "emergency mehndi" and at the very least it has some chemical dyes, perhapse appropriate for cosmetics, and perhapse not. At the worse its ppd and they're lying to you.

I went and googled for this product and found a listing on ebay. They did insist there had been clinical testing but gave no indication of what the testing said! They also said what was NOT it, but gave no hint as to what is! This is exactly the kind of product that is best to avoid.

As ACWN suggested, I would try Harquus or Temptu Dura Pro. This is a liquid temporary tattoo paint that is used in movies for tattoos. It dries almost instantly. You can find Faux henna colors or black. This does not have the longevity of really good fresh henna but I would expect it to last as long as the yucky Indian premixed stuff -especially if you leave it on only 5 minutes as they say that's all that's necessary! Temptu and Harquus last a good 4-10 days depending on where on the body and it it gets proper care.

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Re: Ruhani cones- Henna Indigo AND...?
I concur with the two above!

Indigo Crystals is actually what is used for body art from Indigo.  It is much different when applying to the skin.  Check out our webpage about the indigo for body art  This is for the Harquus Is where there are several books to help you on different applications and such =]

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