Ideas for Flame Design

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Ideas for Flame Design

 I have a friend who is a firefighter, and I want to paint her in flames, put her in a red dress, and take pictures for her.  I'm not really much a pattern designer, though - can anyone direct me to some good flame patterns/pictures?  Thanks, guys!

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Re: Ideas for Flame Design

 Google image search is a perfect source for inspiration. Try a search for "flames" and try selecting the "clip art" or "line art" filters on the left hand side (sometimes hiding under "more tools") to see things that are better for rendering in henna.

You can also try the search "henna fire" or "henna flames" and see what other artists have already created.

Please remember though that images found this way are NOT public domain and you should get permision from the artist for any sort of public display. Feel free to use them for inspiration though! 

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Re: Ideas for Flame Design

 Airbrushed flames used for painting hot rods might be good inspiration for some flame-henna. Google is your friend.  Look up "hot rod flames" and then select IMAGES for some cool ideas!

- Muddyshoes


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