Shweeta, Pujah and unimax tattoos

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Shweeta, Pujah and unimax tattoos

I have been getting my henna latly from Patel Bros  in NYC but i have discovered that there is a store Unimax, that has not only has henna but temptu body paint. i was over joyed because this store was right next to another store where i get my textile supplies, which i visit often. but Unimax (a body art shop) had a limited supply of henna. the only brand was Shweeta and another "brand" was labled as pujah. the pujah henna was in a clear bag, meaning it could have been degraded by the sun. and shweeta looked kind of, how do i put it, generic and fake and unsafe. The store also sold kits, which remind me of the kits sold by shelly. My question is if you have tried shweeta henna or pujah henna, how did it work out?

PS please don't persuade me to use another product, i problably used it before. i'mjust curious.

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Re: Shweeta, Pujah and unimax tattoos

Last I sniffed Shweeta ... it reeked if organic solvents .... toxic.

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