Buffing nails before or after henna or not at all?

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Buffing nails before or after henna or not at all?


I tried doing my toe nails with fresh henna last night. The stain is very light yellow except for a lovely line near the cuticles. I had tried this once before with old paste and liked the results. I'd hoped to get a deeper color this time and wonder if it's because I buffed my nails to a shine before applying the paste.

I had a pedicure done that day to have my toes in good shape. Came home and used a buffer to make them shine and then used alcohol to remove and lotion or debris. I applied the new paste which had great dye release using the KISS recipe. I have a nice orange dot on my thumb even.

So I'm wondering, does the mechanical buffing somehow seal the nail surface?

I think I will try scuffing them up a bit with a fine grit file and reapply the henna tonight before bed. If I buff afterwards will it take off the stain?

Any words of wisdom or suggestions?


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Re: Buffing nails before or after henna or not at all?

I like dbuffing mine too, since I didn't want to use polish.  It didn't affect dye uptake for me.  I'd buff, clean with alcohol, and henna.  Nails can be snoarky, they like really thick applications left long for a good while, or repeated, to get really good color.  You may just need to build it up, that's all!  Also, try using fresher paste - if it's almost dead, there's not a lot of dye left to do its job. :)

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