used Nour Henna and i want to get highlights

 hello, i have color my hair twice with common color dye, first it was 2 tones lighter than my natural hair, then when i when for my touchup i got my hair a coppery/red brown. My hair stills very dark, i used henna two weeks ago and i loved that my hair got more red! i need to get my roots done, its safe? (chemical dye) i also want to get highlights, which means i need to get my hair bleached, i want to get the ends of my hair in different colors. I saw the glinding colors, do you guys thinks i can use these to get my color highlights?

I used Nour pure red henna, and i dont know if it has metallic salts on it. I read that if its pure henna its safe. 

I don't know if Nour is pure henna or not. You can do a strand test (collect hair from your hairbrush) and bleach it to see if the hair melts or turns funny colors.

 thanks thats what i was planning to do, i thinks thats the safer way to go! thanks for your advice