Burning and pain with henna?

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Burning and pain with henna?

Hello everyone! I have been henna-ing my hair for over a year now, and I have never had this kind of problem. I am using henna from the website (Punjabi Prime). I usually use Yemen Light, but I decided I wanted to try something new. First, I mixed the henna with tea and let it die release. I applied it about 20 minutes ago and now my scalp is on fire! It burns on the top of my head close to my forhead, but nowhere else. I have never had any problems with allergies to henna, even with different kinds. I don't think I am allergic because some fell on my arm and it doesn't burn. Help, please?

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Re: Burning and pain with henna?

 Oh no! I'm so sorry you're hurting!

Is there any posibility that you're alergic to the tea? Spices added to the mix can make people feel like that. Henna alergie is usually more itchy than burny. Either way you should talk to a doc asap if it persists!

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Re: Burning and pain with henna?

I have heard of indigo causing a burning sensation due to an allergic reaction once or twice, but not with henna. Its usually an itching sensation when it does happen (as mentioned by Jen), which is fairly uncommon in general. However, that is not to say henna COULDNT cause a burning sensation - everyone reacts differently. But we normally see it in spices or other things so its best to rule everything else out first than blame the henna straight off.


Dancing: take a little straight henna powder (about a teaspoon worth) and mix it with room temp distilled water, nothing else. Distilled has nothing extra in it (minerals, etc), so it will remove any other variables that could cause the issue. Apply this to a sensitive place such as behind your ear or the inside of your elbow and leave it for a while (at least an hour or longer). If the burning sensation happens again or any other standard allergy reaction - itching, swelling, redness, hives, nausea, headache, trouble breathing - wash the area right away with soap and water and if need be go to the doctor right away. If nothing happens straight off, keep an eye on the area and watch for symtoms for at least 48 hours.

You can also go to your doctor and have him or her test you for a henna allergy themselves.


If nothing else happens within a week or so, then I would try switching the tea you use - maybe swap it for distilled water with a tablespoon of lemon juice in it per cup water, it will be acidic enough to give you strong dye release but should be diluted enough not to cause irritation or dryness. If you try this and the burning sensation returns in the same place, I would strongly recommend against using henna again and talk to your doctor.

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