Looking for some "reggae" designs..

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Looking for some "reggae" designs..

Hi guys,

I'll be doing a Reggae festival next month.  I was wondering if anyone

can send a few design ideas my way.  It would be super helpful!

Thanks, Donna

Flavia@hennacaravan (not verified)
Re: Looking for some "reggae" designs..

probably the same things most festival goes like, just add a pot leaf and you will be all set. 

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Re: Looking for some "reggae" designs..

In my experience, people of different cultures or religions than your own are very appreciative when you do a little research. Personally, I would start  key wording on google and surfing the "images" tab results.


Here's a start....then see what images come up and get drawing a few of the symbols as simple henna, maybe one or two of what you find for images will inspire you and you can create a pattern from them.

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