indian powders/bleached hair

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indian powders/bleached hair

 Hi everyone ! I have naturally jet black hair. and I've started to use indian powders(cassia/amla/brahmi/maka) for more than one year for their thickening properties(it helps me to get from low density to medium density greatly !!)

I want a more crazy style, try purple, red, blue hair colors. changing every two weeks or monthly.. so semipermanent washable colors are what I'm looking for. 
But they only work on light hair so I have to bleach my hair prior. 
I am not afraid of chemical treatment. It's just that I've realised that if I bleach my hair and continue to use indian powders as my bi-monthly treatments, they might color my hair darkbrown(thing i've never noticed as my natural hair is black). and I have to admit that I don't want to giving up indian powders as i'm sure if I stopped using them, my density will decrease step by step.. 
but.. if my hair becomes brown/dark brown, the semipermanent color deposit won't be noticeable anymore(or not enough like I want(bright)). so I would have bleached for.. nothing !(I think so?)

I thought about trying zizyphus spina christi, as I've read it would keep/bring thickness to hair without color deposit. I think it's the best deal I've found. Tell me your thoughts about my concern & thoughts. 

ps i've just thoughts about something : cassia leaves a yellow deposit on hair. so if I use it on bleached hair, the color will still "light". Do you think the colors of semiperm will still bright on cassiaed hair?


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Re: indian powders/bleached hair

 Cassia is only gold on very light hair. It can't lift or lighten color. So if its light to start and you put cassia over it, then yes it will be light enough to but the semipermanent bright colors over it.

Zizy dosn't offer long lasting effects like the others. Just a week or so.

My personal suggestion, to maintain the health of your hair, is to try some brightly colored temporary extentions or even a wig from time to time to keep it fun!

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