Tips for Using Mehandi Shampoo Bars

Just like making the switch from chemical dyes to plant dyes, there’s just a little bit of a learning curve when making the transition from commercial shampoo to natural shampoo bars. The effort is worthwhile, of course! Using natural shampoo bars allows you to further limit the chemicals in your life. Did you know that most commercial shampoos are actually detergents? Yep, like for the laundry. Mehandi shampoo bars will condition as well as clean without the addition of “cones.” Using bar soap means that preservatives aren’t necessary so you aren’t exposing yourself to parabens and formaldehyde derivatives that are used to preserve most commercial conditioners. The tips below will help you get used to using shampoo bars to the greatest advantage.


Make sure that your hair and the shampoo bar are wet. You can lather the shampoo bar in your hands, then rub it into your hair, but it may be more effective to rub the bar directly on your head until some lather starts to develop. Set the bar down and make sure all the hair is covered in suds.

Shampoo bars may not lather as well in hard water. Using cooler water or filtering your water will help. If neither is possible, rest assured your hair will get clean, even without all the bubbles.


To really get the most of your shampoo bar, leave the lather in your hair for 2-5 minutes. This will give it a chance to really moisturize and condition your hair.


Natural shampoo bars don’t give your hair that slippery feeling as they rinse that commercial shampoos often do. If your hair feels slippery when rinsing Mehandi Shampoo bars, you're not done yet! Keep rinsing until it feels “squeaky clean.” Hair may be heavy and greasy if it’s not throughly rinsed.


Shampoo bars may leave hair a little harder to detangle because all those slippery “cones” haven’t been deposited in your hair. The best way to deal with the tangles is to take a wide tooth come into the shower. While the hair is still full of lather, comb it thoroughly to get all the tangles out. Make sure to dry hair gently so it doesn’t tangle all over again!

Make your bar last

Shampoo bars are softer than many bar soaps. To help them last longer, store them outside of the shower in drier air. This will keep the bars firmer and help them last longer.